Reconnecting Travelers to
the Experts


Tripadvisor is the world's largest travel site, allowing consumers to plan getaways with confidence by harnessing the wisdom of crowds. As competition in the space increased and SEO traffic was starting to decline, the company needed a fresh approach. At the end of 2016, I was part of a small team within TripAdvisor that pitched a concept that made use of their robust travel data. We suggested evolving the product to become personalized and connected to the travel community. We created tools to inspire individuals to plan and book more efficiently with relevant advice and information from people and experts they trusted. The outcome was a social layer into the full TripAdvisor ecosystem to support each stage of trip planning.

I led the design vision and user experience of the initial pitch of the concept as a whole. After proof of concept, I managed the end-to-end planning and execution of a team that was focused on all aspects of a user’s profile. I regularly translated the high-level objectives to relevant stakeholders and then communicated up, visibility into current progress, team performance and product health across teams. I also managed across teams and facilitated regular project status and design review meetings that helped identify obstacles and risk across multiple projects, and found solutions to address them.


Associate Director, Product Design


Sep 2016 - May 2018


  • Product vision + strategy

  • User research

  • Go-to-market

  • Prototyping

  • Defined alpha product


The full social redesign of Tripadvisor has had a positive impact on the travel experience as a whole. Some key metrics achieved in the year post-launch:

  • New trips created increased by 312%.

  • User engagement from the home feed increased by 28%.

  • Content sharing increased by 13% while photo-sharing increased by 32%.

  • Featured as Editors’ choice by both the App Store and Google Play.