Building a Design System from the Ground Up


By the time ArisGlobal entered its third decade, they had established themselves in Health Care Software – providing an end-to-end cognitive computing engine for the drug development process. In 2017, new leadership brought upon a period of rapid expansion and acquisition. With this growth, came entirely new products and features to add to their already large suite. Although the products had grown in volume during the transition, the design between all products was not consistent.

I joined ArisGlobal as Director of Product Design in 2019 working directly with the CEO and VP of Marketing. Arisglobal has 1,200 total employees across all of its global locations. I worked as a hands-on Product Designer and managed a team of 1 Product Designer and 10 Engineers leading and working cross-functionally to redesign ArisGlobal's core design system from strategy to production. I managed a centralized team of designers and engineers to create a library of documented visual style, components, and reusable code.


Head of Design


Aug 2018 - Dec 2019


  • Product leadership + vision

  • Setting product definition

  • Expanding brand patterns

  • Defining design system

  • Launched beta product


Over my span of a year and a half, Year over year revenue growth increased by 14%. We doubled our client base. Productivity and collaboration increased by 1800%. We scaled up the design team to 10 and integrated it into the culture. The original business goal was accomplished and it would result in increased sales and ultimately lead to an acquisition of a majority stake from outside investors that would be used for continued growth in design and automation.

  • New SUS metrics: B+ (79.6). Previously F (48.2)

  • The client base doubled for the first time in their 30 year history.

  • Year over year revenue increased by ~20%

  • Design productivity and collaboration increased by 1,800%