Home Projects Turning Teachers into the School


In late 2019, I founded Eddy with the mission to build tools for teachers and support them as creators. I worked with my co-founder and a small team to create a publishing tool and marketplace for teachers to sell at-home project-based learning to preschool parents.

The mobile projects were designed as instructions for parents to guide their preschoolers away from a screen and start anytime with the accessible items they already have around the home. My role consisted of the traditional set of founder responsibilities: setting vision, creating product definition, fundraising, and company leadership. I led the design across the full brand and product.


Co-Founder + CEO


Dec 2019 - Nov 2021


  • Product leadership

  • Vision + strategy

  • Go-to-market

  • Brand strategy

  • Launched beta product


Eddy was sunsetted in late 2021. It was a platform for sharing knowledge. We built tools that enabled our teacher community to create, collaborate, and sell unique project-based learning lessons. Our customers were parents that care about their children's education outside the classroom. Through our publishing tools, teachers created peer-reviewed interactive lessons for learners to identify real-world problems and develop a solution – through play, not a quiz.